Our menu is a mix of authentic Nepalese, Indian and Western cuisines, and we use organic ingredients that is locally produced or imported from a trusted suppliers. Be sure to ask about the daily specials!


Mushroom Soup
Button mushroom cooked with the local ingredients and fresh cream Rs. 200

Momo (Dumplings)
Choice of chicken, Veg and Mutton dumplings- steam or fried Rs. 200-250

Onion, mushroom, paneer and vegetables pakodas Rs. 200-300

Fried Fishes
Small and big koshi river fish deep fried with chutney. Rs. 450

Boneless chicken or mutton marinated with herbs slowly cooked on charcoal. Rs, 400-450

Roast Dishes
Duck, Local chicken, pigeon and Batai marinated in spices and deep fried. Rs. 400-600


Chicken Sizzler
Chicken cooked in paper/mushroom sauce with sauté vegetables and fries. Rs. 500

Thakali Khana Set
Rice, vegetables, dal, salad, poppadum, green, chutney with choice of meat & fish. Rs. 330-500

Chicken/ fish spaghetti cooked in mushroom sauce. Rs. 600

Cooked in rich onion gravy with traditional spices and choice of Mutton, Chicken, Fish and Duck. Rs. 250-600

BIRYANI- Rice and meat are cooked separately in traditional Indian spices and then mixed together and garnished with fried onions and fruits. Rs. 500