About Us

Elephant Garden Hotel and Resort Pvt Ltd is owned, run and managed by two young, dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They have the knowledge and experiences from around the globe which they have used for creativity and development of the resort. They have envisioned to provide the world class services in such a way that are unique and exceptional. Hence, the infrastructure and facilities has been developed to suit and comfort all type of visitors.

Mr Krit Sharma, Owner and Managing Director

Krit has been educated in Nepal and United Kingdom and he is a management consultant. He has worked, lived and visited the following countries; United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Egypt, Tunisia, Gambia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Canada, United States of America, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Dubai, Australia and Bermuda.

Mr Mukesh Sharma, Owner and Manager

Mukesh has been educated in Nepal and he is a medical professional. Mukesh has worked, lived and visited, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea.

Email to elephantgardenresort@gmail.com for any management enquiry or call on +981 3742 278 between 9am to 7pm.